About Us

Yo peeps!

ASClever is a brand that sees the bigger picture, a major potential in stickers to totally change the game. Stickers aren't just for looks; they're for changing lives and spreading epic vibes to the youth squad and our buddies in Bogota, Colombia who could use a boost. That's how ASClever got rolling!"

ASClever is a brand that's straight-up fire. Dive into the world of ASClever and level up our swag! We are talking next level here, super cool, fashionable, fresh, and unique designs and totally rad. Pop them on your laptop, phone, water bottle and everything in between. And yo, check out the ASC tees, hoodies and hats to make you look extra fly.

At  ASClever, we are about upbeat vibes, knowing even a little can rock the world in a big way, the more you buy the more we help people in need, especially kiddos. That is how we roll!

So, what's the deal? Let ASClever sprinkle some magic in your life. Dive into the awesomeness, rock that fair, let our stickers take you to cloud nine.

Little things matter too....Lets roll!