Our founder, Adrian, rocking that altruism vibe, teamed up with his buddy Joshua to craft something epic: "Mission to Colombia." This game-changer became a ray of hope for several families in the impoverished zones of Bogota, Colombia. They got fired up about global issues, especially human rights, during their Bulgaria adventure where they represented their home state and engaged with outstanding world leaders.

Adrian and Joshua, spent their summer 2023 in Colombia, driven by a simple but impactful mission: providing aid to the vulnerable. Immersed in Bogota's impoverished neighborhoods, they left a lasting mark of compassion, learning about Colombia's internal conflicts and building strong ties with committed nonprofit leaders. 🌟

Representing B’nai B’rith of South Florida, as youth members of the United Nations, they focus on helping people through "Fundacion Colombiana de Servicios Comunitarios." They received a Human Rights award, but what really matters is the difference they made. Then there's ASClever, Adrian's creation, aimed at making profits to fund more ways to help those struggling, striving to create a lasting impact. 🌟💪