We totally think stickers could be game-changers, we ain't just talkin’ about some sick decor or flashy styles. Stickers are a way to jazz up the everyday, and make a legit difference. 🌟

ASClever was dreamt up as a brand to dish out creativity and happy vibes, especially to young peeps who need a lil' extra love.

But we ain’t just about the sales – check it: For every 18 items sold, we hook up a hoodie or Tee to a kid in need. And, we're not stopping there - we also send some love and support to families hustling hard in Colombia!" -Leveling up for a brighter tomorrow, where knowledge is power and doors open wide. Making moves for a better life through study and hustlin' for those dream jobs." Little moves, big vibes – that's how we roll!

Hop on with us! Let ASClever stickers amp up your day and spark some change in the world. Let’s prove together that even the cool little stickers, can create some real waves. Let's get it! 🤘🎨🌍


Imagine a world where stickers ain't just for the looks. We're vibing on a higher level here! At ASClever we see stickers as inspo boosters, and straight-up game-changers - powerful tools for creating joy, inspiring creativity, and making upbeat impact.

Our funder dude kicked off ASClever with one dope mission: to spread creative magic and light up the days of our youth squad and the peeps who could use the extra love.

Now here's the invite: Vibe with us and let’s make magic together. Dive into this journey of sprinkling joy and brilliance around. Trust, even the small moves like rockin' a sticker can shake the planet. So, why not let ASClever be the spark to your next big wave? Dive in and let’s make waves! 🚀🌍