Who We Can Help

Want some fresh drip? Trying to swag out your tech or rock a fresh tee or hoodie? we gotcha! We are all about the youth vibe, but hey, everyone needs a sprinkle of fun, right?

ASClever was kicked off with the mad dream of spraying mad style, and also sprinkle some love around the world. ✨

That’s right! Cop a tee or a hoodie besides the stickers, and you're not just leveling up your wardrobe. Every 18 tees or hoodies we sell, we drop one for a kiddo in need. Plus, with every buy, we throw 18% to buy essentials for struggling families in Colombia. We fund Human Rights Initiatives as well, we swag with a cause!

Our stickers do more than just look bomb. Our designs are fire, and they also spread mad positivity, help you up your style game and slide into this wild ride with us! Let's paint the globe brighter, sticker by sticker we can make big waves. 

The Small Things Matter Too!